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GP Referrals


At The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice, we respect and value our General Practitioner associates and their sterling contribution to the positive mental health of our patients. We offer an ‘Integrated Care Model’ of collaboration between our Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists.

Referrals made out to:

The Northern Beaches Psychiatrist and Psychologist Family Medical Practice
Suit 4308, Level 3, Dee Why Grand Building, 834 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why, NSW 2099


Tel: 9083 6100

Fax:  9083 6199

E-mail: office@psychiatristandpsychologist.com.au

In general, if referrals require a Psychiatrist, then please make the referral out to our practice as above, to see a Psychiatrist.


If the referral requires a Clinical Psychologist, then please make the referral out to our practice using the MHP, and we will link it to the most suitable sub-specialty therapist.


If both a Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist are required, then please write two referrals – one to our Practice for a Psychiatrist, who should be seen in the first instance, and also a MHP referral to our practice for a Clinical Psychologist.


If it is unclear which discipline, Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist, is appropriate then please refer to our Practice to see a Psychiatrist in the first instance.


Current inclusions for Psychiatrists:

Dr Russell McGregor – Ages 16-70 years old

Dr Rowan Keighran – Ages 16-110 years old

Current inclusions for Clinical Psychologists:

All ages

Call Us (02) 9083 6100

Fax Us (02) 9083 6199