Post – 12th July 2022

12 Jul Post – 12th July 2022

Post – 12th July 2022


So finally Hunter’s Laptop is hitting the mainstream.

It’s taken two bloody years and nearing five years of Q!

Anyways we fought the good fight and have been proven correct.

The only problem is that the MSM is still desperately trying to avoid discussing the obvious – namely the blackmail/compromise to China.

It can’t be suppressed.

White hats are in full control.

TheGreatAwakening is quickening.

We are in the reveal stage.

The Controlled Opposition/Limited Hangout “right wing” media is being forced to discuss the Laptop.

They can’t hold it back and are desperate to remain relevant moving forward, so they can’t avoid it.

We have so much work to do Patriots.

Anyways, good things happening.

Soon all who demonised Q will be held to account.

‘The People’ don’t like Treasonous Satanic Paedophiles.

No one gets a free pass. No one.

The Australian Treason Trials are approaching.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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