Post – 23rd March 2022

23 Mar Post – 23rd March 2022

Post – 23rd March 2022


It’s been a few days since the NYT has finally agreed that the Hunter Biden Laptop was his property.

Obviously we have known this since the getgo.

The Deep State is checkmated.

I have done everything I could to get the info out as soon as it became open source or even earlier.

Sadly the ABC and our Politicians refuse to acknowledge the crimes and also the ramifications.

Apart from all the criminal financial activity and outright treason pertaining to, in particular China, there are truly shocking paedophilia crimes.

Once again I’ll mention Hunter’s crimes:

Paedophilic incest with his underage niece, Natalie Biden.

Incest with his sister, Ashley Biden.

Incest with his cousin, Caroline Biden.

Paedophilia with Malia Obama.

Then there are Russian prostitutes and Lady Gaga; amongst many others.

Of course, Ashley also talks about her showers as a teenager with Joe etc.

Clearly these are all major stories and were done for collateral/blackmail purposes.

All basic Q stuff.

Just documenting it all here again so the ABC and Politicians can’t say they weren’t aware.

They are well aware but are Satanists and must hide it all from the public.


Putin is ending the war and exposing the Deep State.

All who now support Ukraine will be held to account.

White hats have total control of Biden.

The drip, drip, drip will become a flood.


Anyways, that’s all.

As I’ve said many times before – I will rarely post here.

My work exposing the Deep State is on GAB.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate on GAB


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