Post – 1st March 2022

01 Mar Post – 1st March 2022

Post – 1st March 2022


We are currently in the fog of war however it is very clear this act of the Movie has been scripted long ago.

In short – Putin is cleaning out the Deep State from Ukraine.

We all know Ukraine is a US Deep State controlled Bioweapon Hub.

There are many laboratories working on biological weapons.

Indeed there have been at least two deliberately leaked viruses.

On was a swine flu derivative/vaccine in 2009 which killed hundreds in the west of Ukraine. It was to kill many WW but a Czech team analysed it and found it killed ferrets, so it was hurriedly stopped.

Similarly an early 2016 outbreak occurred in the Donbas at a weapons lab which killed tens of Military men.

Obviously the arms industry, money laundering and child sex trafficking also is prevalent.

Putin is taking all these down.

As I’ve said for four years, Trump/Xi and Putin are working together.

Expect a DEFCON 1 situation for show soon.

Watch for further inflation and pressure on Central Banks.

Americans are understanding the folly of losing their energy independence and also potentially the Petro Dollar.

We still await the Australian MSM to discuss the February 2016 Moderna patent for oncology products and the exact 19 nucleotide match with SARS-CoV-2.

As the world turns.

We have won Patriots.

The Deep State is disintegrating.


Make Australia Great Again,

@killaudeepstate – GAB

Dr Russell McGregor



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