Post – 9th February 2022

09 Feb Post – 9th February 2022

Post – 9th February 2022


A couple of years ago I blogged about my fear that black hats would infiltrate and attempt to take over when a leadership vacuum was created during TheGreatAwakening.

That is exactly what is occurring now.

Masonic black hats have prepared for this period in time and are endorsing their cardboard cutouts in the alt-media and politics.

The Canberra Convoy is feeling this division.

The only division should be between Patriots and Black hats/Masons.

Good vs Evil.

Obviously white hats have enabled Ottawa and Canberra to stage the Convoys.

They we’re always a part of The Plan.

Grass roots uprising is the key.

Clearly mandates are crumbling around the world.

Many countries have ditched them all.

Thus Australia and Canada are right at the point where mandates must be removed and workplace reinstatements of the unvaxxed will occur.

Hence whomsoever “leads” the Convoys will get the credit, which is of course nonsense, as these illegal orders were always going to be removed in any case.

We are simply seeing a jockeying for credit in Canberra.

All of these new “leaders” are madly attempting to be seen as engineering this “win”.

Politics is a dirty game.

And the cabal knows how to play the dirtiest.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB


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