Post – 29th January 2022 – B

29 Jan Post – 29th January 2022 – B

Post – 29th January 2022 – B


I’m going to run a little hypothetical across your bow.

Most likely this will not eventuate but hey why not have a stab.

We all know a stock market crash is coming during Biden’s “term”.

President Trump said he thought as much quite a while ago.

The quantitative easing and near zero rates have facilitated the record gains.

However we know the white hats must implode the system.

But markets are incredibly fickle and very unpredictable.

So what sure fire method can be used to bring everything down?

Everyone is discussing the Black Swan turning up in Tiananmen Square.

Furthermore we know Trump, Xi and Putin are all on the same team.

So the outcome has been planned for years; it is only the timing and method that is unknown.

Many say the trigger will be Evergrande (2.3B principle due 23/03/22) and the 26 Trillion Ponzi in Chinese Property.

Hmm …. that is possible but I reckon they need a sure fire way to cause self immolation. Something which could always be timed to fit into The Plan exactly.

And so … it may well be a MASSIVELY and INAPPROPRIATELY hawkish FED action.

Recently The FED has been very opaque regarding it’s statements on potential tapering and rate hikes.

Indeed Powell has been historically non-committal.

The markets have no idea when tapering will end and rates will rise.

He says he will be “nimble” and “humble”.

In other words he will do everything on the fly according to inflation numbers.

So what if he suddenly (perhaps on March 16/17th) puts up rates by a whopping amount (say 2%) and also enacts quantitative TIGHTENING at the same time?

He could effectively destroy the S&P 500/Nasdaq/DOW within seconds!

Ok, you reckon he would never do that.

But remember how the FED jacked up rates when President Trump came into office … to screw him over?

Well that worked for a few months before Trump took over the FED and nailed their balls to the printing press.

Trump and the US Military held total control over the FED and resurrected the economy – along with tariffs on China etc.

So under Devolution he still has control over the FED.

Hence he can get Powell to do whatever he wants.

And if that means making Biden and the FED be the fall guys for tanking the system then even better.

Imagine the outrage against the FED for being so dumb!

People would want it gone, like, yesterday!

Such a Black Swan would END THE FED!

Then when the Republicans win their landslide at mid-terms, and President Trump is reinstated vis SCOTUS after the China steal is revealed, America can put into place a new Monetary System.

Indeed all Central Banks worldwide will be removed.

Short-term Pain for long-term Gain.

Unlikely perhaps but not impossible.


There won’t be a war with Russia.

Biden and the Deep State desperately need one to recoup MIC financial losses.

Neverending war is required to keep them afloat.

The MSM are baying for murder and misery but it will be avoided at the last minute.

Russia has no geopolitical interest in taking Ukraine – it would be a financial drain as their resources are minimal.

NATO will back off and Biden will be humiliated.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB




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