Post – 25th January 2022

25 Jan Post – 25th January 2022

Post – 25th January 2022


The big question is what percentage of batches/lots of the vaccines contain normal saline/inactive or active constituents.

Obviously the MSM ignores this vital question because they are pure criminals.

If they were even remotely interested then the TGA would be forced to undergo transparent investigation of active constituents and contaminants.

Anyways a website called … has looked at the rate of VAERS side effect data in relation to batches/lots.

They have found that the majority of side effects actually comes from a slim minority of batches/lots – namely 0.5%

Thus this anecdotal evidence seems to point to the vast majority being normal saline or inactive compared to a small percentage with lethal components.

Very sad we don’t have a functioning Fourth Estate.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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