Post – 19th January 2022

19 Jan Post – 19th January 2022

Post – 19th January 2022


There are now reports of false positive RAT’s in Canada of 40%.

As you may recall I discussed how this will likely be the method used by the Deep State to perpetuate the hoax.

It is very clear that this will occur.

The RAT don’t even need to pick up influenza or the common cold; they can be positive even when you are completely well.

Australia has imported hundreds of millions of RAT’s for no logical reason.

Obviously the MSM is at pains to silence any discussion of false positives.

They will discuss false negatives with RAT’s just as they did with the PCR tests.

This hoax now has a method to perpetuate itself forevermore.

The MSM and Politicians are criminals.

Expect high case numbers to continue.

Expect retribution for anyone who speaks out against these crimes.

The MSM is once again attempting to create a perceived shortage in order to hype RAT’s. The Labor Party narrative is to goad the Government to supply as many as anyone wants for free. They are two sides of the same coin.

The Great Reset is required to crash the economy and subjugate the public.

Continuous quasi-lockdowns created by never-ending employee false positives and isolation will drive supply chain shortages and cause economic pain.

This scenario is so obviously telegraphed that the MSM will be held to severe account for their inaction.

There is progress on myriad fronts Patriots – just hold on guys.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB


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