Post – 8th January 2022

08 Jan Post – 8th January 2022

Post – 8th January 2022


As you guys know I have hypothesised in 2020 that the Scamdemic is predicated on PCR proprietary probes/primers that tag influenza and/or the common cold.

I’ve explained how the cases can be ramped up and down depending upon the secret contents of these PCR test kits.

However, very interestingly, yesterday, I was listening to David Icke on Infowars/ and heard him discuss that probes were used to inflate Omicron cases.

This is very significant.

David is not a Doctor and obviously cannot ascertain the way probes are used in PCR test kits.

Hence it is clear he has been given this information by white hats with the purpose of seeding the info into the Patriotsphere.

No doubt they believe it is time to expose this fraud to the general public.

Remember David was amongst the first (along with Alex Jones) to discuss the fact that the virus has not been isolated and purified.

Whence it is reasonable to conclude that my probe/primer theory is very likely to be true.

I do believe I was the first person in the world to work out this out and I have not heard anyone else until yesterday mention it at all.

Sadly, I did do my best to get it out, but was unsuccessful.

I put it on my blog repeatedly and also on Twitter and Gab repeatedly too.

Similarly, I sent a FOI request to NSW Health, but they refused to answer my questions.

Anyways, it was deemed by white hats to be the appropriate time for it to be seeded  as it hadn’t yet reached enough people – only my followers would have been aware.


The Rapid Antigen Test kits have exposed the whole hoax.

The Deep State has lost the narrative as cases exponentially increase.

Many are just fed up with the constant lies of the MSM.

There will most likely be another lockdown which will end the idiocy of COVID once and for all.

President Trump said in 2020 that it will be over by Easter – so a two year delta takes this to Easter 2022.

Prep for two months food.

AdBlue may be in artificial short supply and could be raised as the reason for food shortages.

The current apoplexy about hospitals being overrun has obviously been caused by putting off staff. It has entirely been due to the actions of Government and the people see the inanity.

Indeed the people are waking up at a rapid rate.

The Deep State knows it is finished.


I have always said January 6th was a clear false flag from the getgo.

The truth is gradually being disseminated by FOX and will become common knowledge soon.

Everything is comedic at present.

The white hat script writers must be laughing their asses off.

Every day is a victory Patriots.

This next stage will include DECLAS and should be quite bumpy.
Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB



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