Post – 20th December 2021

20 Dec Post – 20th December 2021

Post – 20th December 2021


Leftists are in an epidemic of cognitive dissonance.

Omicron is clearly benign and is establishing herd immunity whilst crowding out delta.

Prior vaccination and boosters are obviously useless as clusters are occurring in the purely vaxxed.

The programmed took the vax to prevent exactly the scenario which is currently occurring.

At this point the question is who released the bioengineered live-attenuated virus?

I am leaning toward white hats having infiltrated the Deep State and made sure the virus is benign. The criminals were expecting and promised a deadly virus but this is clearly not happening.

Another question is whether the proprietary probes/primers in the PCR kits have been tweaked and are simply picking up the common cold ONLY now.

Anyways, the current battle is between Deep State psychopaths who want to lockdown with zero evidence of necessity vs white hats who want it to fizzle out.

What is very obvious to even the most brainwashed Doctor is that there can be NO indication for vaccination in this environment.

Anyone who suggests that kids/adults should be maimed with a death shot because there is a dominant variant with common cold symptoms will not escape legal punishment.

Obviously those whom have pushed the vaxx will be held to legal account anyways so my point is moot. Vaxx pushers are looking at very long prison terms.

Politicians want lockdown to crash the economy/bring in their great reset and enforce enslavement.

The people know and will gain their reckoning.

This has nothing to do with a virus and never has.

Remember Q said the “cure” will spread WW.

[Medical Establishment]

Follow Q and thegreatawakening.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB



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