Post – 24th November 2021

24 Nov Post – 24th November 2021

Post – 24 the November 2021


We have reached the precipice Patriots.

December will be a historic political month to remember.

Our time is here.

The Protests throughout Australia have been designed to peak for this very moment.

All eyes will be on #thegreatawakening.

Expect a Communications Blackout fro perhaps 10 days as the Deep State desperately attempts to prevent the truth from getting out.

As I’ve repeatedly stated over the past few years I don’t think there will be a power grid takedown as white hats will try to prevent this from occurring.

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial will kick things off from 11/29/21.

It will go for six weeks.

The revelations will show how paedophilia has been used as a group blackmail technique to reinforce Deep State control of elites.

Moreover as I’ve stated before this was a CIA/FBI/Mossad operation.

The truth will be shocking.

Obviously this mechanism has been used by the Deep State throughout the world.

The Australian Paedophile elite networks are of course terrified.

Freemasons are fractured and in conniptions.

They will be placed on a Public Register and banned from public office and procuring government contracts.

They can’t swear allegiance to Satan and also feign allegiance to Australia.

Paedophile enforcement arms such as The Medical Council of NSW/HCCC will stare at their reckoning to come.

In time the public will learn the virus was simply a Satanic Deep State mechanism for totalitarian control and the vaccine is a Satanic Bioweapon to harm and control.

All responsible will be held to account.

Politician/Police/Judiciary/Public Servant/Army/Lawyer/Doctor Deep State elites will be entertained at The Australian Treason Trials/Royal Commissions.

Mike Lindell has tried to provide SCOTUS with his Chinese/Deep State election fraud evidence.

If he is unable to complete this task then all branches of government will have failed – Legislative/Judicial and Executive.

The only way of course will be the Military.

Durham is a DCO and is convening Military Tribunals.

It is quite likely he will reveal his work on D5 – 5th December 2021 as Q alludes.

Expect an avalanche of all crimes I’ve outlined over the past 4 years.

Inflation will be rampant and shall diminish debt.

Devolution may be revealed on 20th January 2022 when the Law of War Manual belligerent occupancy ends after one year.

The MSM will not be able to control the evidence produced in December.

They will be humiliated and more.

President Trump has total control.

Antifa (Paedophile) riots will be swiftly dealt with by the Military.

We the People are rising up.

Watch for contingency Deep State cardboard cutouts to be put in place for this time.

They will try to steal the narrative during this vacuum – but will fail.

The Q Researchers know too much.

Our work is never done.

Availing Freedom is an ongoing task.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB



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