Post – 13th November 2021

13 Nov Post – 13th November 2021

Post – 13th November 2021


The RANZCP is knowingly and deliberately conspiring to implement the vaccine BIOWEAPON.

They are intimately aware of the Psychological tactics used to enforce the jab.

The RANZCP is the Deep State and refuses to expose the corrupt and criminal measures in place in Australia.

Obviously these tactics are very simple to understand and easily identifiable.

I shall state them here simply for posterity.

The MSM and Politicians use a method called ’Fear Appeal’.

Essentially this is just a strategy used to intimidate and threaten the Public to take the BIOWEAPON against their will.

The RANZCP knows that the more fear used the greater the outcome desired.

This Meta-Analysis is the seminal article on this well known effect:

Similarly the tactics used by the MSM are designed to torture the public by successive coercive methods.

Once again the seminal work is that of Biderman.

It is very well known that these tactics are effective and currently in use to enforce the BIOWEAPON.

Biderman interviewed the returned soldiers from the Korean War and noticed these torture methods were used on POW’s by the Marxists.

In summary they are as follows:



Monopolisation of Perception

Induced Debilitation and Exhaustion


Occasional Indulgences

Demonstrating “Omnipotence” and “Omniscience”


Enforcing Trivial Demands


Obviously all of these tactics have been used by the MSM and Politicians in Australia to inject the BIOWEAPON – even on children.

The Deep State Marxists/Fascists are replicating their known methods to kill.

Clearly the RANZCP is well aware and is therefore GUILTY of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’.

The AMA, HCCC and Medical Council of NSW are similarly GUILTY by their conspiracy to enforce Deep State totalitarianism.

Sadly the Medical Profession has been infiltrated and overrun by criminals in Australia.

There will be a Legal reckoning at ‘The Australian Treason Trial’s’.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB




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