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04 Oct Post – 4th October 2021

Post 4th October 2021

Is the new Pfizer oral agent a Trojan Horse to validate the COVID scam?

I will present an hypothesis here which seeks to explain why the new oral Pfizer drug is currently undergoing phase one trials.

This hypothesis is only a POSSIBLE scenario. I have not heard it anywhere else.

It is very early days and as such I am simply trying to tie in the geopolitics with the medicine.

As background it is essential to read my prior Blog from 7th September 2021 which outlines a very likely scenario involving the corrupted RT-PCR and influenza test kits.

So here goes …

The novel oral Pfizer agent currently in Phase 1 Trials is PF-07321332

The Mechanism of Action (MOA) is that of a protease inhibitor.

Most importantly the purported MOA of ivermectin is that of protease blockade –

Now assuming ivermectin treats influenza/common cold then it is possible this new Pfizer agent similarly treats influenza/common cold.

Hence if the RT-PCR test kits have proprietary probes/primers that actually pick up influenza/common cold rather than SARS-CoV-2 (which likely is just an in-silico computer model) then widespread use of this novel oral agent would suit the Deep State agenda.

Any worldwide substantial prophylactic use of PF-07321332 could effectively eliminate influenza and/or the common cold. Much in the same way that ivermectin or even hydroxychloroquine/zinc could as well.

Whence if the RT-PCR test kits are being phased out at the end of December 2021 (as per the CDC) then it would not matter that the flu test kits are being tampered with to give negative results.

If this new oral drug reduces the prevalence of influenza/common cold in the community then the RT-PCR tests won’t pick up anything and the influenza test kits can revert (be changed) to work properly again.

In effect there will be no SARS-CoV-2 detected and also no influenza/common cold in circulation.

The end result is the vaccines will be lauded as responsible for the elimination of COVID and maybe even influenza.

Alternatively they may say the social distancing/mask wearing got rid of influenza/common cold – which is of course simply rot.

Thus the rigged influenza test kits cold be substituted for working kits seamlessly just after December with nobody being any the wiser.

The Deep State will be able to continue with in-perpetuity vaccines for the entire world.

Pfizer would make massive profits from the new drug as well as the vaccines.

India as we all know got rid of positive RT-PCR results by using ivermectin – likely by getting rid of influenza/common cold.

The big question as I see it is the following …

Can Pfizer get the Phase 1,2 and 3 trials out of the way and widely distribute before their scam is opened up by the CDC change in test kit protocols?

In other words after December we may well see influenza and the common cold magically reappear once the SARS-CoV-2/influenza test kits are differentiated – so long as PF-07321332 hasn’t been widely distributed.

Let’s hope there is no Emergency Use Authorisation of the new drug to rush it through. I doubt it can be though as this would likely mean the vaccines would lose their EUA.

We shall see.

What do you think of this hypothesis Patriots?


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB



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