Post – 1st September 2021

01 Sep Post – 1st September 2021

Post – 1st September 2021


Happy Spring Patriots!

As you all know I rarely write on this blog these days – however I’ll give my opinion on the current geopolitical state-of-play.

The Plandemic is becoming more and more totalitarian.

Sadly, I’ve seen the disgusting behaviour of NSW first hand on multiple occasions.

Things are ramping up and our freedoms will be further obliterated.

Please understand however that President Trump and the US Military are in complete control.

The process of Devolution means that we are simply watching a Show whereby each step is being managed with Military precision.

Look to DEFCON 1 in the Q posts as being akin to COGCON 1.

If we reach COGCON 1 then things will be nearing the Storm.

In case you haven’t worked it out yet, Australia is also under US Military control.

Our Spygate crimes means that we have been ordered to comply with thegreatawakening.

As such our removal of freedoms has been planned all along and the draconian measures here are integral to the rest of the world waking up to the Deep State agenda.

The conditions have been setup for the criminals in Australia to take advantage and in a sense they are being given the rope to end their existence.

The MSM are apoplectic and will be severely punished.

They are well aware that credible reports of stainless steel/grapheme oxide and even parasites are present in the vaccines.

They refuse to inform the public because they are straight up Satanic.

Japan has found “metal” contaminants in 1.6 and then also 1.0 million vials of vaccines – yet the MSM kills it with silence.

The media has not acknowledged that NSW officials have admitted the death numbers are “with” instead of “of”.

Everyone knows EXCEPT for the MSM!

The Mockingbird Media are being exposed more and more every day.

Things will get worse maybe even much worse.

Remember Q says September is National Preparedness Month.

There is no coincidence that the truckies are causing shortages this morning in Supermarkets across NSW.

Prepping will be taken up by the USA.

These lockdowns are forcing people to engage and learn about our corrupt Deep State systems.

10 days of darkness may be at hand.

The Storm is approaching but we still don’t know exactly when it will hit.

It may be a slow roll or an out and out blitzkrieg.

Watch for the following:


COVID isolate and variant HOAX truth

Vaccine bioweapon truth and depopulation

Vaccine contaminant truth

Tracking/chipping truth

Durham Report

Spygate truth

Epstein blackmail truth

Assange truth

Elite Paedophilia truth

Hammer (HAMR) and SCORECARD truth

Fast and Furious

Iran Nuclear Deal

CIA embeds in the MSM

Clinton Foundation truth

Pay-to-play selling of Military technology to China by Clinton/Biden

MIC for never-ending wars

January 6th false flag by FBI

9/11 controlled demolition – inside job truth

COVID used to steal 2020 election

Election theft – beginning with Arizona Audit results

Clinton email crimes


Hunter Laptop including incest

Uranium 1

Michigan false flag

China involvement in election steal

Supreme Court justice blackmail

FISA crimes

Fauci crimes and GOF research

Bill Gates crimes

Big Tech collaboration with Democrats

Big Pharma crimes


Soros crimes

Marxist indoctrination through education

BLM/Antifa funding


… and much much more!


You get the picture.

It will all come out.

NCSWIC. Nothing.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB








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