Post – 21st August 2021 – B

21 Aug Post – 21st August 2021 – B

Post – 21st August 2021 – B


The anger is palpable in Australia.

‘The People’ know the lockdowns are a Deep State attempt at totalitarianism.

Many also know the virus is a hoax and this knowledge is increasing exponentially.

Patriots will peaceably protest in masses never seen before.

The trajectory can not be stopped.

The Deep State have pushed the spring too far and too fast.

Watch them panic.


As you all know I have been referring to the ABC as a Pedo-Satanic institution.

Ergo – the Satanic Ceremony sliced into the ABC News was simply hysterical!

ABC – “Hail Satan!”


I don’t know if it was a white hat employee or desperate black hats trying to rally the troops.

Either way it was so very funny – and they even admitted that it happened so the shopped defence couldn’t hold!

Fun fun fun!


Anyways the ABC went full treason by demanding the Kandahar Bacha Bazi elites be given special preference over Australian citizens.

The ABC never misses a chance to go full Pedo.

The ABC was particularly angry that their never-ending war was terminated and the MIC kickbacks would cease.

Bad days when their elite money laundering back to the Australian Deep State gets thwarted.

Tough cookies ABC.


So now let’s talk about the jab and the ABC’s desperate plan to destroy the lives of Aussie kids in addition to adults.

I guess the only thing to say is that Politicians, the MSM, Doctors and Big Pharma will all get life in gaol at The Australian Treason Trial’s.

At worst they will just be sent to The Hague for Nuremberg 2.0 – with full consequences.

Indeed all pushing the Vax bioweapons will be held to account.

Killing the side effects with silence has a use-by-date.

When COVID and Vax truth hits you will see the rats run.

They know it’s coming and are just trying to get their Satanic Vax percentage up before the inevitable backlash hits.

‘The People’ will be frothing at the mouth with anger.


Remember Patriots – we have won.

This is just the clean-up stage – note the Biden circus.

Nevertheless it is up to us to make it happen.

Have faith in ‘The Plan’ and make a difference!

Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB





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