Post – 21st August 2021 – A

21 Aug Post – 21st August 2021 – A

Post – 21st August 2021 – A


The South Dakota Symposium changed history.

The MSM is so terrified they have no choice but to kill the outcomes with silence.

The main take home points were:

1) Conclusive proof the machines were connected to the internet and were designed for manipulation.

2) The Jovan Pulitzer MOAB describing the secret printer identifying protocols which used yellow matrix microdots to forensically mark the ballots. Hence all fake ballots can be eliminated.

3) The identification of ways to nullify the bleed through ballots.

4) The exact CCP flipped tallies of each state via CPAC data.

5) The forensic snapshots of the operating software both before and after Dominion scrubbed the data during their “update” in Colarado. CodeMonkeyZ and others are picking apart the evidence as we speak. It may take another two weeks or so.

6) The determination of all 50 states to do full forensic audits to show the systemic fraud including the algorithms used.


The exact PCAP data could not be made available due to a ‘poison pill’ addition by an infiltrator into the Red Team.

This evidence was handed off to the US Military for prosecution.

The end result was a roadmap to replicate the audit and also ways for the Legislators present to move them forward.

Arizona will be handed to the Senate tomorrow and potentially the full release will be made public in mid-September.

This will be a nuclear BOMB!

The Senate may choose to gaol the Deep State criminals who continue to withhold the routers and passwords.

Massive. Just massive!

Enjoy ‘The Show’ and ‘The Sting’.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate РGAB


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