Post – 10th August 2021 – B

10 Aug Post – 10th August 2021 – B

Post – 10th August 2021 – B


Alex Jones has speculated Joe Biden will use the EBS/EAS to call a “Climate Emergency” on Wednesday (ET) in a desperate attempt to cover/deflect from the Sioux Falls Symposium.

This would be hilarious!

I don’t know if it will happen but it would be real popcorn stuff.

Even the most brainwashed climate fools will know it’s a scam call.

We all know there is an EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)/EAS (Emergency Alert System) national test at 2.20pm Washington time (ET) on Wednesday – that’s 4.20am Sydney time Thursday (AEST).

If Biden were to announce the scam it would likely come with this EBS/EAS or perhaps slightly afterward.

We may even see internet systems shutdown/outages from the Deep State – maybe even for 10 days of darkness?

So be prepared Patriots!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB


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