Post – 8th August 2021

08 Aug Post – 8th August 2021

Post – 8th August 2021


The fightback will become mainstream this week.

Mike Lindell will reveal the CCP/Deep State stolen election with his satellite acquired Packet Captures.

The Space Force and inside whistleblowers will nail the election for President Trump.

Indeed many Deep State criminals will also be revealed as having flipped when their execution was at hand.

There may even be video confessions.

The 37 Terabytes of data will match with the Arizona Forensic Audit and this will power a landslide of similar audits across America.

We have it all Patriots!

The MSM including the Pedo-Satanists at the ABC will desperately hide the facts until the end.

Trump forced the Deep State to hasten their plan for world control and they have all been caught red handed – literally.

The medical tyranny enabling forced injectable bioweapons and complete losses of freedom will be stopped.

Once the Storm hits there is no way they can continue their global genocide and attempt to subjugate us as their robotic surveilled slaves.

All the officials who have implemented the tyranny will be exposed and will suffer the consequences.

The beginning will involve decentralised grassroots uprisings around the world.

These will increase in size and ferocity.

The US Military will swiftly put down Antifa in the US and the world will quickly see which side has won.

In fact Patriots have already defeated the Traitors – it’s game over.

Q will be vindicated.

In Australia the criminal MSM have ramped up the vaccination threats – with freedom only allowed if the peasants bow down to their masters.


Hang in there Patriots!

We will kick the CCP out of Australia and all their bribed Australian Traitors will be severely punished.

We will retake our country and NEVER allow it to be infiltrated again!

Patriots have the numbers and the strength.

There is nothing that can stop the worldwide greatawakening! Nothing!

When The People eventually know the truth about the virus and vaccine – the backlash will be severe.

Really severe.

In the meantime enjoy Sioux Falls.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB



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