Post – 2nd August 2021

02 Aug Post – 2nd August 2021

Post – 2nd August 2021


As you guys are aware I have questioned the veracity of whether the SCAMDEMIC is based on a real virus or not.

I would like to update my working hypothesis to that of considering the current preponderance of evidence suggests the virus is indeed an in-silico chimeric compilation by interleaving of extant phylogenetic sequences.

In other words the evidence currently sides with a fake virus.

This has always been a possibility given the complete lack of any available external standard or Certified Reference Material (CRM).

How can we be 18 months into a pandemic and yet there is no isolated/purified virus which can be used as calibration for the RT-PCR testing kits?

Indeed multiple worldwide FOI requests have failed to garner any virus – even from the CDC!

This beggars belief.

Similarly, as discussed previously, the “variants” have not been isolated as well and are simply models based on statistical forecasting using NOWCAST algorithms.

In fact the Whole Genomic Sequence (WGS) appears to be nothing more than a GenBank digital library in the possession of the CDC.

We must also remember that Koch’s postulates have never been demonstrated.

So what about the studies, the first of which was performed by the CCP, that claim to have isolated and purified the virus? Some even claim to have seen the virus under electron microscopy.

Well, I reckon these may be Psyops or they are the only ones given an actual virus. Why has this work not be replicated by all and sundry?

It is simply not acceptable that worldwide RT-PCR calibration is performed on a digital reference!

Finally we have the conundrum that influenza has disappeared precisely when SARS-CoV-2 appeared.

This is quite a coincidence.

As you may also recall I was screaming about this worldwide disappearance for months and months last year before the MSM tacitly acknowledged the fact. They were and remain desperate to cover-up this inconvenient truth.

Occam’s razor suggests that it did not disappear worldwide and in fact has simply been rebranded as COVID-19.

This means either the influenza testing kits have been sabotaged OR the data collection has been doctored.

Hence I have been screaming for an audit of influenza testing kits in Australia for over one year. Furthermore last week I formally lodged an FOI with NSW Health to find if any such audits have taken place.

So what has most likely happened?

I think the RT-PCR test kits have their proprietary probes/primers set to nucleotide sequences that are in common with influenza and possibly common cold coronaviruses together with the library reference. They will pick up dead fragments or live virus. Similarly the influenza test kits are sabotaged.

Hence we are seeing a substitution of influenza for a fake computer generated virus.

COVID is the flu.

Many different RT-PCR tests are available worldwide so we will see variations in prevalence of the fake virus – also seasonal flu will vary depending on the hemisphere.

However most test kits are financed by the CCP or Deep State.

So ultimately this is a CCP/Deep State Psyop operation.

Whether the virus is real or fake does not change this at all.

The initial “spread” and people dying in the streets came from China – they were in on it.

And … how did the CCP have a patent for a vaccine before the pandemic started?

All the gain of function studies were real but ultimately if the fake hypothesis is correct then they were only necessary to create semi-believable genomes. Either way the virus is bioengineered.

Potentially white hats scuppered the Event 201 plans and therefore the only option for the Deep State was a computer virus rather than a real virus release.

If the RT-PCR gets phased out to the RAT (rapid antigen test) then the lower propensity for false positives would see a dramatic fall in cases. Game over.

It doesn’t matter if real or fake – the spike protein is the bioweapon.

Obviously the whole charade was not possible without the MSM fear porn and vaccine push.

Ultimately their plan is to depop and chip the peasants to create robot slaves.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB




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