Post – 2nd August 2021 – B

02 Aug Post – 2nd August 2021 – B

Post – 2nd August 2021 – B


Previously I’ve explained how the delta variant is not actually isolated/purified and then sequenced.

Indeed the Whole Genome Sequence (WGS) is simply a computer model calculation and not an actual virus.

I stated previously that NOWCAST technology is used to “forecast” the delta variant however in Australia the specific method uses SBS technology.

The company that does this is ILLUMINA – you simply can’t make this stuff up.

They hide everything in plain sight.

Here is how they describe their NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) –

“Illumina sequencing utilizes a fundamentally different approach from the classic Sanger chain-termination method. It leverages Sequencing By Synthesis (SBS) technology – tracking the addition of labelled nucleotides as the DNA chain is copied – in a massively parallel fashion.”

So there you have it.

They use a computer model to construct a genome rather than use an actual virus!

The DELTA variant is fake.

Australia has locked down over a computer model.

COVID is just the flu being rebranded/relabelled.

When will the ABC ask their Scamdemic “experts” about how their precious delta variant is identified?

Never – they are all criminals.

Why is it up to a Deregistered Psychiatrist to get this stuff out there?

Just wait until the public finds out the MSM/Deep State has demonised hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin only because they have antiviral properties against influenza/coronaviruses!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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