Post – 31st July 2021

31 Jul Post – 31st July 2021

Post – 31st July 2021


I’m not aware if this has been published anywhere to date.

The publication of variant (eg; delta) proportions in the population is a CON.

People actually believe that the Whole Genomic Sequence (WGS) is verified for each person “infected” and then a proportion is calculated for each variant in the population.

They simply are NOT isolating, purifying and then elucidating the WGS.

Instead they are using the RT-PCR to check for a small sequence of nucleotides (base pairs) in samples and then using a statistical computer (forecasting) model such as NOWCAST to extrapolate the proportion of variants in the population.

The MSM knows this and refuse to report it. We need to defund the ABC ASAP!

BTW – my FOI request to NSW Health (I chucked it up on GAB) doesn’t seem to be progressing. Imagine my shock.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB


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