Post – 24th July 2021

24 Jul Post – 24th July 2021

Post – 24th July 2021


The CDC has just released a “Laboratory Alert” to “Individuals performing COVID-19 Testing”.

It states that the RT-PCR diagnostic panel (test kits) will be withdrawn from Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The CDC goes on to say that laboratories should implement other alternatives.

Further they state that any assays used should be encouraged to “differentiate” between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza!

So any fair minded interpretation is the CDC wants labs to stop using the test and instead use other methods that don’t misinterpret the flu for COVID!

This transition should be complete by 31st December 2021.


Thus the obvious question becomes is the non-specific RT-PCR just capturing the flu and whence the whole scamdemic is a fraud.

Well …. of course this is one of the hypotheses postulated since the getgo.

Have the CDC just admitted their guilt?

As you guys can remember, I have demanded the Government Audit the RT-PCR test kits and also the influenza test kits roughly 12 months ago.

This is even more imperative given this admission 48 hours ago by the CDC.

Why is nobody else in the world bothering to discuss this???

This also brings into play the in-sillico genome computer compilation theory by interleaving of extant phylogenetic sequences.

Could the rigged RT-PCR test be picking up base pair sequences of this patented chimeric computer model which also exist on the influenza genome?


The Government must investigate these kits no matter if they are proprietary.

Once again, my conjecture, is that the whole scamdemic could be ramped up and down, either by changes in the amplification (Cycling) rates used or changes in the secret probes/primers of each batch or intrabatches.

Similarly it could be moved up and down simply by the seasonal prevalence of flu.

The complete lack of transparency and total disinterest by the MSM is telling.

They are all in on it.

The total submission of societal freedoms requires it.


If we are just picking up flu or intercurrent flu then heads should roll.

The manufacturers of the test kits would need to be investigated.

Let’s see if someone else starts asking these questions (I’m getting very very frustrated) …


If the virus is a computer model then the injected spike protein becomes the bioweapon.

If the bioengineered virus is real and was deliberately released then both are the bioweapons.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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