Post – 6th July 2021

06 Jul Post – 6th July 2021

Post – 6th July 2021


Exactly five weeks until “The shot heard around the world”!

Watch for False Flags and importantly an internet blackout (perhaps for 10 days of darkness).

If this were to occur then August 12th onward after the Symposium is most likely.

Do not worry – the US Military is in complete control!

Suicide Weekend on August 14th – 15th?

Keep your eyes on Arizona!

Signatures will be collected at a rapid pace.

Supreme Court 9 – 0 then reinstatement or new elections.

President Trump will be back in a few months.

80 – 68 total excluding organic cheating.

2021 will be glorious!

11/11/21 will be a magnificent parade!

The Deep State is finished.

Durham will destroy.

Aussie clean-up incoming!

The world is about to change.

Enjoy ‘The Show’ Patriots.

The MSM will ignore until after the blackout and the EBS is initiated – 8hour loops.

They will melt down because they know the avalanche that will hit.

Patriots will be reinstated to Twitter as it will be overtaken by the Government for Treasonous crimes.

Good will triumph over Evil!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – GAB


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