Post – 13th June 2021

13 Jun Post – 13th June 2021

Post – 13th June 2021


We all know the ABC is a criminal entity.

It’s role is to lie to the Australian People 24/7/365.

Every utterance is for one purpose – to enforced the Deep State agenda and establish Totalitarian control for the Satanic elite.

So an interesting question is – when will they begin to report on all the US election theft evidence?

To date, of course, they have killed veritable mountains of evidence with complete silence.

They are guilty of an ‘Act of War’ against the American People by their complicity.

Obviously their plan was to bludgeon computer voting onto the Australian People so that the Deep State could enforce their dictatorship here.

Won’t happen.

The funny thing is they know their game is up.

They know they’ve lost.

President Trump will be reinstated and the whole Deep State edifice will be exposed in the ensuing Great Awakening.

Yet, they continue to blindly lie and lie.

It seems they are resigned to maintain autopilot and hope for some type of Hail Mary criminal act by their brethren.

So, I reckon they will simply deny it all the way until the Arizona Audit is formally reported.

They may even wait until Arizona is officially decertified; which means the whole election will be as well.

Then they will just try to throw, as much mud against Patriots as they can, whilst avoiding any analysis of facts.

Finally, they will desperately attempt to say they were not aware of all the evidence and blame Patriots in some way.

It won’t work.

Australians know too much.

They won’t let the criminals off.

The Australian Treason Trial’s.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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