Post – 26th March 2021

26 Mar Post – 26th March 2021

Post – 26th March 2021


The sheer enormity and complexity of ‘The Plan’ is humbling.

President Trump and the white hats have carried out the most staggering political takedown in history.

We are watching the dissolution of the deep state at the public level after the actual war was already won.

This stage required the complete exposure of the MSM and Marxist ideology throughout society.

The only way this could safely be achieved was via seemingly giving them power and watching their policies implode when contrasted to Trumps successful ones.

The border hypocrisy is damaging the Democrats significantly but it is only one of many disintegrating directives.

Bidan and Harris are totally controlled by white hats.

CGI, body doubles and forced flipping abounds.

The Evergreen ship was a planned white hat event.

The shootings are clear False Flags.

In a little over three hours Bidan will hold his first Press Conference.

Expect much ‘March Madness’ which will have the Democrats begging for the 25th Amendment.

The public will realise they have been lied to about all things Bidan.

All we need do is hold the line folks and watch the whole Deep State charade implode.

Soon election fraud will be conclusively exposed and President Trump will be reinstated.

The Military is in full control via the DOD ‘Law of War Manual’.

QAnon followers are being publicly derided in the mainstream with eyes on resulting from the Streisand Effect.

It’s all planned to blow up in the MSM’s faces when the truth is revealed.

So much evidence of crimes Worldwide will come to pass.

Enjoy ‘The Movie’ Patriots.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor,

@killaudeepstate – GAB



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