Post – 26th March 2021 – B

26 Mar Post – 26th March 2021 – B

Post – 26th March 2021 – B


The first Press Conference by the illegitimate President has just finished.

Biden clearly had pre-prepared talking points and refused to answer the central questions posed.

He was not transparent and was flustered/angry at times.

With regard to the crisis at the border he was particularly unable to address the underlying cause.

No doubt the result of this Conference will be further division.

He will not back down with his administration creating escalating problems.

The war in Afghanistan will not end as Trump had mandated.

North Korea will fire more retaliatory missiles.

Americans will see that common-sense Trump policies are being ripped apart.

No reporter asked about the stolen election  – as expected.

This presser is a big loss for Biden as his performance will in general be analysed negatively.

The Deep State agenda has been exposed!

Dark to Light.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab



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