Post – 11th March 2021

11 Mar Post – 11th March 2021

Post – 11th March 2021


Q post 937 from exactly three years ago states, “watch the speech”.

Joe Biden will give his first ever speech as pretend President at 12.00pm midday tomorrow (AEST) on CBS.

Q obviously knew this would occur three years ago.

I expect the speech to be very enLIGHTening.

White Hats are in total control and as such Joe will give a fantastic performance – best actor material.

The democrats will counter with a desperate attempt to invoke the 25th amendment.

This Movie is waking up the progressive masses at an escalating rate.

The Democrats are imploding.

Enjoy ‘The Show’¬†during ‘March Madness’!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@kilaudeepstate – Gab



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