Post – 28th February 2021

28 Feb Post – 28th February 2021

Post – 28th February 2021


We are currently in the phase of TheGreatAwakening designed to wake up soft Democrats.

‘Buyers remorse’ is escalating rapidly.

The number of inane political decisions and actions has been deliberately hastened.

I won’t go into all these ridiculous moves because they are obvious.

Suffice to say that election promises are being broken in such blatant ways that even the most brainwashed leftists are seeing something is amiss.

‘The Plan’ is brilliant.

By dissolving the moderate left the upcoming counteractions by Trump via Military proxies will ensure the safest possible operations.

By letting the public perceive Biden as having won and at the same time seeing Patriots step down (from clear voter fraud) – the instillation of a Deep State Dictatorship is openly more apparent.

The Supreme Court kicked the football and as such all options are exhausted.

Thus the Military can now legally act.

Trump’s speech at CPAC in a bit less than twenty hours will be interesting.

I expect he will highlight all the broken promises and the Chinese takeover of America.

He will re-address the stolen election and will not concede.

There is no question that the Biden puppet is under total White Hat control.

The evidence is overwhelming.

This whole process is just a part of the Movie script.

Most importantly Patriots must continue to hold the line Рremember this is all about peacefully waking up the globe.

Trump will be rightfully reinstated as the public POTUS but this will be on his timetable.

I expect considerable “March Madness” with many disclosures.

Buckle up and enjoy ‘The Show’ Patriots!

The US Military has this.

The swamp is going down!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab


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