Post – 10th February 2021

10 Feb Post – 10th February 2021

Post – 10th February 2021

Second Impeachment Trial

We are watching a scripted Movie.

The white hats have total control.

Today the Senate heard the opening statements and voted that the trial was “Constitutional”.

Obviously this is stupid.

Trump is supposed to be a private citizen and the trial is not being overseen by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

It is a farce and in conflict with the Constitution.

However the white hats want the trial to go ahead – 100%!

As we know this is the best opportunity to inject testimony of vote fraud and overturn the election.

Trump’s lawyers deliberately made a pathetic case in order to lose the vote to proceed!

The evidence of the false flag “insurrection” will be made public too.

Antifa will be shown to have been ordered by elite politicians to invade the Capitol Building.

The MSM are fully aware of all these truths and have covered everything up. They are guilty of treason.

Interestingly the metadata provided by Mary Fanning has been spread widely.

It is now common knowledge that the election fraud proof is a forgone conclusion.

The only question is how it will be presented.

Hopefully Trump will call a few Generals as expert witnesses and the evidence of Satellite hacking by Space Force will be highlighted.

Perhaps evidence provided by Australia and Japan will provide collaboration.

We are in for an historic week Patriots.

This Trial will change the world.

China is in the crosshairs.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab


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