Post – 6th February 2021

06 Feb Post – 6th February 2021

Post – 6th February 2021


You won’t hear it from the criminals in the MSM but Mary Fanning confirmed via Mike Lindell today that the election was being monitored in real-time from days beforehand!

And the massive intel was that Mary provided metadata of the programming/vote injections from China!

This is game over!

The good guys have everything.

They can prove conclusively that Trump won in a landslide (80 – 68 million) at minimum given all the fraud by the numerous other methods is included in this count.

Hence the Electoral College was 410 votes for Trump at minimum as well – an easy victory.

The intel was likely from the Space Force satellite reconnaissance of Leonardo but we will need to wait for US Military confirmation.

Obviously the MSM will need to kill this with silence or more likely censor any reference to this metadata.

The ABC in Australia will be well aware of this metadata and will of course do everything they can to hide it. They are once again acting as criminals and committing an ‘Act of War’ against the American People by not drawing attention to the largest crime in world history. Nothing will change here.

So now the information is out there. All MSM are conspiring by knowingly covering up these facts.

The Impeachment Trial will explode if this is injected.

The world is about to change.

A new blockchain election supervised by the US Military will give Trump every state.

China, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran are all in the crosshairs.

Enjoy The Show Patriots!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab


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