Post – 5th February 2021

05 Feb Post – 5th February 2021

Post – 5th February 2021


The ETA for the election fraud documentary by Mike Lindell is in roughly 5 hours or so.

He says it will be approximately 3 hours in duration and will be played on a loop at OANN and also on his website via Rumble –

It will likely have metadata attached to prove veracity.

Unfortunately it probably will NOT have evidence from Space Force which caught the Leonardo satellite upload from Italy in real-time. This will need to come directly from the US Military at a later point.

Many feel the injection of evidence will be made at the Impeachment Trial.

Most likely this will be the case but also remember the Democrats control the Senate and may well attempt every illegal measure to make sure the fraud evidence is not heard – even though the Articles directly mention it! So perhaps the US Military will need to step in later.

There could be 10 days of darkness as the evidence is made public. In other words social media and the internet may go dark.

Similarly the US Military may use the EBS/EAS if the Democrats attempt to shut off all methods of dissemination.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has ended and the united states for America has been reborn.

Biden represents a defunct corporation and President Trump will be installed as the 19th President of the Republic after Military Rule ends. There may need to be another election (blockchain) prior to the end of Military Rule.

Soon we shall see who all the actors/doubles and white/black hats are. Fun times.

AOC has been comedy central. Hopefully she has more red-pilling to come.

The fake Presidency is hilarious.

Watch for a new Gold Standard through the QFS.

Ultimately the Deep State and the CCP are the end targets.

DC is the biggest prison in the world. Military Tribunals are at hand.

The Superbowl will be a puppy show by comparison.

The end will not be for everyone – which is something I disagree with.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab







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