Post – 20th January 2021

20 Jan Post – 20th January 2021

Post – 20th January 2021


Biden stole the election on the orders of China/Deep State with the help of Italy, Britain, Germany and Spain.

We all know this.

We also know Trump has ordered Military Rule, at LEAST partially through the Insurrection Act.

However what governs the legal state of play?

It’s the Department of Defense (DoD) ‘Law of War Manual’ – Updated December 2016 (post-Trump election victory).

This manual has been written by the chief lawyer from the DoD – the General Counsel.

It outlines the Rules and Laws that apply when the US is under the status of a Belligerent Occupation by an Occupying Power – namely China.

In other words, China, by way of stealing the election through its compromised proxy, Joe Biden, has legally placed the US as an Occupied Territory of China.

This occupation can occur even if China has not formally stated that it is the Occupying Power.

So how can a Belligerent Occupation end?

An uprising or expulsion would enable the Occupied Territory to be retaken.

So … let’s assume the US Military uses the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) to override TV/radio/Social Media/Internet etc for 10 days (of darkness).

Evidence of crimes against humanity by the Deep State and in particular the foreign election interference would be disseminated to the public.

Such overwhelming evidence would force Biden to “capitulate” as per the document.

This capitulation would allow the DoD to organise another election under Military Rule.

Hence the End of Occupation (by China) would occur if a non-puppet of the CCP was elected (eg: Trump).

The original election theft was an ‘Act of War’ by the participating countries.

An Italian has already admitted (by affidavit) to having attempted the overthrow and may be treated leniently.

China will not be treated so well.

The Chinese Bitcoin world domination will not be allowed.

Instead a blockchain Quantum Financial System (QFS) backed by Gold and other precious metals will occur.


So don’t freak out if Biden is inaugurated.

It doesn’t matter because the Secretary of Defense, Miller and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Milley are in charge.

The US Military has this!

The only question is when will the EBS start?

Not sure.

I reckon in the next few days or so.

Hold the Line Patriots.

Pray for the US Military.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab



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