Post – 18th January 2021 – B

18 Jan Post – 18th January 2021 – B

Post – 18th January 2021 – B


We are literally days before the War against the Deep State breaks onto the surface.

DC is completely locked down and is obviously under Military Rule.

Arrests will happen.

The timing is up to the Secretary of Defence.

POTUS is 100% insulated.

Most importantly Patriots have all stood down and should remain so.

Indeed this is the time for prepping at home.

If you live in a major US city then you ought prepare for two weeks of food and water etc.

I am 100% certain Biden will be arrested or has been arrested. He will NOT be President.

There will be a period of internet/social media/TV/radio shutdowns and perhaps more blackouts so Special Operations can function.

During this time there will 100% be evidence of crimes disseminated via the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)/Emergency Alert System (EAS) – it may last for 10 days of darkness.

These documentaries will be very tough to see and will also outline crimes against children.

I am particularly looking forward to video confessions. They will be very powerful.

Indeed I expect the overall strategy to be very similar to my viral thread from March.

I feel there is now a good chance that another election will occur in February/March supervised by the Military.

It will not be absolutely necessary because the extent of the cheating will be known however for transparency it might be important.

The House and Senate will turn Republican if a new election occurs or the real results are validated.

Also if many Politicians are arrested and found guilty by a Military Court then there need to be new elections in any case.

Most targets will be in DC – Military Trials are in progress.

If Antifa shows up to riot they will be exterminated by the US Military. No more mucking around. They are finished for good. Satanism/Communism is dead.

There is the low possibility that the Deep State have already made a computer animation of the Biden/Roberts swearing in and CNN etc will desperately try to air it even though they know it is fake. We shall see.

Anyways, as I predicted long ago, the churches will be full after the broadcasts are made.

Finally there will be a reckoning against the CCP.

Dark to Light.

Patriots in full control.

God wins.

Nothing can stop this. Nothing.

Enjoy The Show!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate on Gab – my Twitter account was deleted in the great QAnon purge.


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