Post – 16th January 2021

16 Jan Post – 16th January 2021

Post – 16th January 2021


Thank you to the US Military for your role in taking down the Cabal.

The QAnon dissemination program has been an absolute success.

The White House and Congress is now fully fortified by 30,000 National Guard troops and an unspecified Regular Army contingent as well as Special Forces/Marines.

DC is in lockdown preparing for what will be the most momentous week in political history.

The probabilities indicate that Biden will be arrested before Inauguration on Wednesday.

Then a period of Military Rule will ensue whilst the foreign election interference is assessed.

The data from the Leonardo satellite will be presented as irrefutable evidence.

It is possible we will get video confessions from top Democrat Politicians with regard to election fraud and more.

Mass arrests will ensue but may not be made public to contain safety risk.

State Electors will recertify the vote and another Joint Session of Congress will declare President Trump the rightful winner.

Trump will likely be inaugurated on 4th March 2021 – which has been the most traditional day historically for this to occur.

Revisions of votes will give the House, Senate, Popular vote and Presidency to Trump/Republicans.

With this mandate and including the Supreme Court – the full MAGA agenda will be fulfilled by 2024.

Goodbye Deep State.

John Roberts will be arrested. He can not preside over any ceremony given his criminality.

Soon the SARS-CoV-2 virus will be disclosed as a bioweapon which was engineered by the CCP.

Those involved in the propagation of this known Psyop, including the MSM, will be held to account.

No doubt there will be an element of farce involved in the next week which is consistent with the Movie Show we have been witnessing.

The Deep State in the West will be finished. The CCP will be fully exposed for it’s criminality.

How Trump deals with the Acts of War by China, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Iran, Pakistan, Australia and Canada will be fascinating and of extreme geopolitical significance.

The MSM will be seen as criminals by The People of the world.

During the coming events it will be difficult for me to convey updates of happenings via Gab.

Indeed, I have pretty much given up on posting because I can spend an hour just trying to log in, let alone sending a tweet/gab.

This difficulty for Anons has been planned.

It is unclear which platform will provide Patriots with a voice in the future.

Twitter will likely be overtaken as a public utility.

It is possible QAnon Patriot accounts on Twitter will be restored but that is up to Trump.

Most importantly as I have said since March 2020 there will be the implementation of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS).

I do not know if this system will overtake our TV/radio/phones etc in Australia but I think it likely given Australia’s role in Spygate. We will essentially do as told by the US Military from this point.

The EBS transmissions will be the most significant political broadcasts in history. They will change the world.

Obviously we will require a reckoning here.

That’s where the Australian Treason Trial’s shall come into play.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – on Gab (trying)



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