Post – 14th January 2021

14 Jan Post – 14th January 2021

Post – 14th January 2021


Sadly, no Journalist in Australia will dare to describe the historic upcoming events in America next week.

Hence I will once again take the responsibility to inform the public of the what to expect and therefore you will be able to plan appropriately.

To be sure Patriots; it’s been a long struggle with great sacrifice but the end of the hidden war will occur next week.

To my readers – thank you for your service and steadfast loyalty to #thegreatawakening.


I shall outline the upcoming events in numerical format which is not necessarily in chronological order – they have been deduced mainly from decodes of the first 100 Q Posts and also from 2 or 3 year delta Q Posts:


1) Trump is no longer the ultimate arbiter of the endgame. The US Military is in operational control.

2) America is under Military rule and the Insurrection Act is in place.

3) Prior Presidential Executive Orders have laid the foundation for this Military takedown of the Deep State.

4) The Plan has been decades in the making and was always under the auspices of Military Intelligence which has control of the NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS/State Department etc etc.

5) The Marines and Special Operations protect the President and enact the muscle required.

6) At this point POTUS is well insulated. We do not know where he is. He could be at Camp David, Dyess Airforce Base or in AF1/the Doomsday Plane etc etc.

7) Durham/Ratcliffe and Huber have all completed their reports. DECLAS will occur next week and shall include FISAgate, Spygate, Obamagate, Ukrainegate, foreign/domestic election interference, Pelosi Laptop, Epstein, blackmail paedophilia, child sex trafficking/DUMB’s/Haiti and the Clinton Foundation etc etc. Spygate may be confirmed by Australia, Italy or Japan.

8) There may be a SCARE EVENT necessary next week which could be nuclear. This will limit street violence when Democrats learn Biden will NEVER be President.

9) False Flags may occur (such as the Antifa Capitol break in) to project blame away from the Deep State.

10) Impeachment will not occur. It is ridiculous and can NOT get a 2/3 majority in the Senate.

11) Italy will admit that rogue elements of the Deep State/CIA/Mi6 and the Vatican attempted to overthrow Trump.

12) US Military intelligence tapped the real-time election stealing data directly from the Leonardo Satellite run by the Italian MIC. The CIA at the American Embassy in Rome uploaded vote changing software into the Satellite before it was transmitted to the Frankfurt server and then to DOMINION machines in America.

13) Thus POTUS has all the proof of foreign election interference to prosecute for Treason/Enemy Combatants. Results will show he won BIG.

14) Many Deep State criminals will be arrested. Congressmen, Judges, MSM, Doctors, Diplomats, Business Moguls etc etc.

15) This Storm will hit next week perhaps beginning on Monday 18th January 2021. The MAGA promise will be fulfilled.

16) The tweet we have been waiting for – “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us ……” may occur at 4.50pm on 19th January 2021 (watch proof) OR perhaps on Friday 15th or Friday 22nd January 2021 (Friday proof). It will likely occur from the @POTUS Twitter account and Twitter will likely go down immediately to prevent dissemination.

17) At some point next week there will be a Comms blackout. Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Youtube will be co-ordinated to all go down at once. Radio/TV and website news addresses etc will also go down. Indeed most of the web may go down as well. The Continental US will be most affected.

18) Even FOX will go down.

19) The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)/Emergency Alert System(EAS) will be enacted with broadcasts from the White House or White Hat websites such as Gab.

20) The EBS will be placed onto TV’s/radio’s and phones – maybe for 10 days of darkness. Hence every American will only see DECLAS and not the MSM. Video confessions, documentaries and Court findings will all be broadcast. Information about blackmail Child Sex/snuff etc may also occur. As you may recall I made these predictions back in March.

21) National Popcorn Day is 19th January and suicide weekend will be 23/24th January 2021.

22) The engineered virus will end as an issue once POTUS is President again.

23) There are tens of thousands of troops/NG in DC to make swift arrests and keep the peace.

24) The virtual inauguration on 20th January may involve Biden being arrested just beforehand or perhaps even on the stage.

25) Mass arrests will occur or have occurred previously. Arrests will likely be made public when things have settled.

26) It is likely nobody will be sworn in on 20th January 2021. POTUS may be sworn in on 5th March 2021 OR after a new election OR another Contingent election with dueling electors allowed. Military rule may continue until Traitors are removed.


Enjoy The Show.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab






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