Post – 13th January 2021

13 Jan Post – 13th January 2021

Post – 13th January 2021


The great Twitter purge of 8th January 2021 has increased the ‘Fog of War’ significantly.

Some 70,000+ QAnon Patriots were summarily permanently suspended and obviously one of them was me.

No doubt this was always going to happen so the flow of quality information would be suppressed at this vital time.

Here is my take on what is happening:

POTUS has initiated the Insurrection Act and America is now in a state of quasi Military rule.

We are currently in the 10 days of darkness which will end somewhere between 17th-19th January 2021.

The watch proof from a previous Q drop shows 4:50pm on the 19th January to be important – it may well be when THAT tweet occurs – “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us ……”

Biden will never be allowed to be President. The Military will NOT let the CCP control the US.

Trump is appearing to be weak by going dark. He needs to be seen to be hands off for optics.

The National Guard and Regular Army build up, particularly in DC, is real. The intention is to stop Antifa violence rather than Patriot protests.

Arrests are in play and the worldwide blackouts are a part of this.

The attempted Impeachment and call for the 25th Amendment are moot and only designed to highlight the tyrannical ways of the Democrats/Deep State.

The MSM is ramping up fictitious risks of violence from Patriots. Indeed Patriots will hold the Line.

The attacks on free speech and deplatforming; raptuously applauded by so-called Journalists will leave Trump with only one option – the EAS/EBS.

POTUS is well insulated. The Military will use the Emergency Alert System (EAS)/Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) to convey crimes.

The Apple updates will be corrected so the EBS can work.

The foreign election interference by China, the Vatican, Germany, Spain etc etc will be exposed.

The Leonardo Satellite downloads will be front and centre.

Many criminals will be outed for the avalanche of crimes committed over the past several years. Video confessions are at hand.

It is possible the Inauguration Day might revert back to the 4th March as per the original constitution.

Buckle up buttercups.

The US Military will NOT allow the election to be stolen.

We are about to witness the public takedown of the Deep State.

The COVID-19 HOAX will end with the takedown.

It was always driven by criminal RT-PCR tests.

The Australian/State Governments have deliberately not undertaken AUDITS of the kits and proprietary machines which I have publicly demanded.

Obviously the Amplification/Cycling threshold(Ct)’s used as well as alterations in Probes/Primers can swing results any which way.

Their plan was to introduce vaccines in order to enforce full spectrum surveillance amongst other reasons.

Switching or dialling back on the Ct post-vaccination allows for a huge reduction in False Positives and whence “proof” that the vaccines work. Its diabolical.

The other AUDIT which I have demanded is that of the Influenza kits. We have known for a very long time that the flu has disappeared. The MSM has desperately tried to cover this up until it was impossible to do so.

The most likely explanation for the “eradicated” flu is that the testing is dodgy. People with the flu test negative to the flu test and also have the SARS-CoV-2 test – which is positive due to the idiotically high Ct’s used.

Criminal substitution of flu for COVID!

Its just a massive scam.

And as for this one case of a “mutant” strain which closed down Brisbane. I won’t bother.

Sick of talking about it. The Medical Profession is completely compromised.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

@killaudeepstate – Gab – my Twitter was taken down for supporting QAnon/POTUS.






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