Post – Wednesday 23rd December 2020

23 Dec Post – Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Post – Wednesday 23rd December 2020


So close now Patriots.

President Trump has it all.

The voter fraud will be fully exposed prior to the January 6th 2021 Joint Session of Congress where Trump will be elected once again.

The MSM are true criminals.

They have completely covered up the most obvious crimes committed to overthrow the massive victory President Trump attained.

Any teenager can figure out the election was stolen. The basic maths don’t add up.

China has used the voting machines to enact a Coup D’état.

Anyways we all know that – it is simple stuff.

My prediction is that there will be 10 days of darkness.

This will not involve the taking down of the electricity grid.

It will simply involve the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) being used to transmit truth over the corrupt MSM.

TV/radio/phones will most likely have the truth broadcast 24/7 for this period to wake up the masses.

Durham and DECLAS will be a part of this as well as the fraud and its source.

The information may well begin as soon as Christmas Eve and continue over the New Year.

POTUS will likely send his tweet, “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us …..” on Christmas Day.

If so, Jack Dorsey will probably immediately take down the POTUS account.

This may be the reason POTUS initiates the EBS.

Anyways the EBS will get the information out and the public will be enraged.

Georgia will be a landslide and all Americans will be convinced the November 3rd election was rigged.

There is an outside chance Biden will concede once his crimes are known and the Military proves the vote fraud.

If not, maybe one million angry Patriots will march to DC on 6th January 2021.

They will demand the College Electors vote for Trump.

I reckon 100% will vote for Trump because to not do so would mean they will be charged with Treason for trying to overthrow a legitimately elected President.

Even if they don’t, then Pence can simply remove the illegitimate votes, or count the alternate state electors, and POTUS will win in a Contingent Election.

Hence Trump can not lose.

When the vote is known the Deep State will try to terrorise but they will be dealt swift justice by ‘The People’ and the Military.

The Insurrection Act will likely not be required prior to the vote but may be used for the mass arrests afterward.

Trump will be inaugurated on 20th January 2021.

Then it we be up to all of us to expose the Deep State worldwide.

This is the historic endgame of the war all Digital Soldiers have fought.

Well done Patriots.

Dark to Light.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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