Post – Tuesday 8th December 2020

08 Dec Post – Tuesday 8th December 2020

Post – Tuesday 8th December 2020


Just did a thread on Twitter outlining the complete lack of analysis put into the US Election.

The ABC is obviously deliberately covering up the voter fraud.

I clearly stated that I had demanded the Australian Government investigate voting machines and their hackability two years ago.

Implementing Voter Machines in Australia should be TREASON.

We need to hold them to account once President Trump wins.

And he will 100%.


The ABC continues to hide the useless PCR tests which have enabled their criminal destruction of the economy – all to enable voter fraud for their Deep State brethren in the US.

The Cycling Thresholds and Primers/Probes obviously makes them a tool for hoaxers.

Each day for most of the year the ABC screams about bollocks cases and testing.

They knowingly have implemented crimes against humanity.

The only solution will be Treason Trial’s for the ABC.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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