Post – 26th November 2020

26 Nov Post – 26th November 2020

Post – 26th November 2020


An hour ago Sidney Powell released the Kraken.

The evidence of voter fraud is irrefutable and voluminous.

Game over and checkmate.

Patriots, POTUS and Q have WON!

China and Iran were in on the Democrat Party Coup D’état.

I have been writing about this on Twitter since the election three weeks ago and have been tweeting madly today.

Obviously I’m likely the first Journalist in Australia to bring the news of the Georgia and Michigan filings by Sidney.

The MSM in Australia are criminals.

The ABC will likely keep ignoring and killing this with silence tonight.

Doesn’t matter. Their credibility is shot.

Great VICTORY Patriots.

Trump will take the House, Senate, Presidency and Popular vote.

Swamp draining will be 100% completed.

The Deep State in Australia is finished.

Patriots will clean you up!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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