Post – Friday 16th October 2020 – A

16 Oct Post – Friday 16th October 2020 – A

Post – Friday 16th October 2020 – A


The time has come DigitalSoldiers.

Social Media is being purged and tanked as we speak. It started one hour ago.

The paedophile crimes of Hunter are about to be exposed and the Deep state/MSM are doing everything they can to stop it.

There are a mountain of crimes about to see the light.

The whole world will beg for Durham but he won’t deliver until after the election due to optics.

Have no fear, this has been planned for a long time from both sides.

White hats are fully in control.

The Streisand Effect is pointing normies to the truth at a rapid rate.

It is the endgame and we will take total victory.

Soon the MSM will be completely humiliated.

Indeed the ABC in Australia may well face Treason charges at The Australian Treason Trial’s.

The COVID-19 Psyop will end on 4th November 2020 and we the ‘Australian People’ will enact a legal reckoning for the perpetrators.

Stay strong Patriots.

Watch FOX – particularly Hannity and Tucker – they will keep you posted on the upcoming exposure of crimes.

Dave at X22 is still the Gold Standard.

You can see his video’s at even if YouTube goes down. is still up and the boards can be accessed using a VPN.

Seek out family and friends.

Tell them what is happening.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor






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