Post – 14th October 2020

14 Oct Post – 14th October 2020

Post – 14th October 2020


As my readers are aware I have written extensively on the Iran Deal and Benghazi for two years.

However recently it seems the story is about to go mainstream.

The pieces have been tied together by a likely nom de guerre and CIA whistleblower, Alan Howell Parrot.

I will try to make sense of how this all fits into place in chronological order.


1) The CIA employs Osama Bin Laden as a an asset and patsy in the 90’s.

2) The Deep State/Bush performs the false flag controlled demolition of 9/11 in 2001. Treason.

3) The Military Industrial Complex invades Iraq, Afghanistan etc on the contrived fraud that they were seeking OBL. Treason.

4) During Obama’s first term he knew OBL was in Iran.

5) Obama wanted a public trophy kill of OBL to help him gain a second term.

6) The CIA organised OBL to be transferred to Abbottabad, Pakistan.

7) For unknown reasons Iran swapped out OBL at the last second for a body double.

8) SEAL Team Six (DEVGRU) killed the double on 2nd May 2011 but it was soon discovered that DNA did not match siblings of OBL.

9) There was a fake funeral at sea which any Anon knew was ridiculous. Obama was re-elected.

10) The real OBL returned to Iran and was under their control.

11) During this time Hillary was gun-running weapons from Benghazi to Syria to destabilise Assad and make money.

12) Iran threatened to reveal to the world the duplicity of the Obama Administration by showing OBL as alive.

13) Iran demanded $152 Billion Dollars as compensation and also Uranium to stay quiet.

14) Hillary/Brennan/Obama organised a drop of Stinger missiles to Qatar, which were sent onto Syria and then to Afghanistan. They had a problem in that SEAL Team Six members knew of the operations and hence needed to be executed to cover the botched kill on OBL.

15) The 30 members of SEAL Team Six who knew of the deception were eliminated on 6th August 2011 by an ambush using a Stinger on the Chinook helicopter they were using in the Tangi Valley, near Kabul. This was Treason.

16) Fast forward to 11th September 2012. US Ambassador Stephens knew of the Stinger missiles and gun-running so he was left to be garrotted by Ansar-al-Sharia along with 4 USFS officers who tried to help. Treason.

17) Hillary issued a stand-down order so the Ambassador and Embassy could not be saved. Treason.

18) In 2013 the money was sent to Iran – $150 Billion including an extra $1.8 Billion in cash. 25% of American Uranium was sold to Russia and some of it went to Iran as well. Hillary pocked this Uranium One money.

19) The Iranian cash was redistributed back to the instigators of the Iran Nuclear Deal – eg: Hillary, Obama, Brennan etc etc  in the US.

20) Iran continued to develop Nuclear weapons as the “Deal” had nothing to do with Nuclear weapons.


The MSM has known these 20  points (except perhaps the botched OBL kill) and has refused to disclose the criminality.

It is very likely the Q Team will provide the evidence prior to the election.

That may be in the form of the Terabytes of data Parrot has or the Hillary emails.

The MSM in Australia (especially the ABC) and around the world will be desperate to kill this with silence or provide distractions.

There will be outrage once known – most likely when Hannity or Tucker discusses the evidence.

I doubt Durham will provide a Report or Indictments before the election.

In a sense this is election interference.

Nevertheless POTUS will win in a landslide.

The Deep State and MSM will organise violence post-election but POTUS and the US Military will take care of business.


My apologies for not blogging for several months.

I have concentrated on Twitter.

This will be blogged (published) on 13th October 2020, Washington DC Time (ET).


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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