Post – 14th March 2020 – A

14 Mar Post – 14th March 2020 – A

Post – 14th March 2020 – A


We have arrived Patriots.

Arrests will occur over the next six weeks.

It has been a long journey but victory is at hand!

The shadow war will be brought to the surface in weeks.

I am very proud to have fought this war against an enemy so criminal and evil.

I am also proud to have called arrests and Cabal takedown weeks ago before anyone else in Australia.

All my fighting recently has been on twitter.

However I shall update here for posterity.

I am 100% convinced that most Military operations will be over by Easter.

The USMC, National Guards, Army and Navy HAVE been activated.

COVID-19 is cover for the arrests.

As I have explained in detail on twitter, it is an engineered virus.

The Deep State created it at The University of North Carolina, Fort Detrick and even AAHL in Geelong.

There are four HIV inserts on the SARS-CoV-1 backbone used for gain of function.

However the white hats have attenuated the virus by adding base pair changes to the middle of two of the inserts.

Thus it is now a benign virus.

It is not clear who released the virus or where it was released.

No doubt the white hats have known of the strategy to use the virus as cover for operations for years though.

It is a part of the plan.

Many of the deaths are not real deaths and have been just Psyop numbers.

China, Iran and Italy are all in on ‘The Plan’.

Borders are blocked to stop the Deep State escaping.

The virus is real and can be dangerous to those with immunosuppression and renal, respiratory or cardiac disease.

The elderly are at risk and should engage in conservative preventative management.

SARS-CoV-2 overall is no worse than seasonal influenza in terms of morbidity and mortality.

The overall real death totals will be tiny in comparison to influenza WW.

No doubt all bioweapons have prevention or cures in place.

They will be made available in time if needed.

It will peter out in two months.

Medical Martial Law is being put in place to make sure civil war does not erupt as arrests occur.

Quarantine camps will be holding centres for Deep State criminals who are captured after the 154,000 indictments are unsealed.

This operation has been planned for decades.

The complexity and organisation is breathtaking.

Sometime within the next few weeks there will be 10 days of darkness when the internet and perhaps television will go down. This will coincide with peak panic and maximum Military arrests/operations.

President Trump will use the Emergency Broadcast System to inform the public of happenings.

All of the crimes we have blogged and tweeted about will be exposed.

Military tribunals will be seen as having occurred and the results noted.

Treason and crimes against children will cause mass anger and confusion.

Martial Law will be as much in place to protect the public from revenge attacks against the Deep State as to stop deranged progressives.

Preppers, of course, have been right.

Somewhere between two and four weeks of supplies will be necessary.

Any economic reset will be kept completely confidential until the last minute.

I do not know if ending the Federal Reserve or instituting a Gold backed currency will occur just yet.

It will happen in time.

Most importantly be reassured that President Trump and Patriots have this 100% sorted.

Morrison is 100% on board with Trump.

Celebrities, CEO’s and Politicians are all being “infected” with the virus.

This is a show.

The intent is to demonstrate that elites have been associating and therefore their collective absence will be accepted.

The Military tactics rely on virus panic to institute strict compliance with curfews etc.

Any protests will not be tolerated.

Safety is paramount.

History is here.

Evil is being rounded up.

It will be up to us to calm the populace and educate them about Q.

The MSM will be humiliated.

Compassion will be required for those genuinely shocked by what they are about to hear.

Operations will be mostly confined to the US and Europe.

Washington DC will be  the epicentre.

We will mostly have to clean up Australia later at The Australian Treason Trials. (ATT’s)

What a time to be alive.

Congratulations Patriots!

Follow Q.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor








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