Post – 18th February 2020 – B

18 Feb Post – 18th February 2020 – B

Post – 18th February 2020 – B


Yesterday I noticed Alan Dershowitz said he had an FBI 302 stating Soros ordered Obama to spy on an “unidentified person”.

Obviously all Q followers know Soros was Obama’s handler.

We also know Soros ordered Obama to instigate spying and the coup d’état on Trump.

Hence this was no surprise.

I therefore tweeted with regard to Dershowitz and his insistence that the 302 be introduced in an upcoming trial.

Q then brought attention to the connection in two posts today – 3869 and 3871.


This of course is historic.

The Deep State has been caught attempting to overthrow candidate Trump and subsequently President Trump.

Obama is the progressive left’s highest celebrity.

He is their hero and is beyond reproach by the MSM.

Similarly, Soros is considered central to everything they worship.

Both are psychopathic criminals.

Soon the truth will be known.

They will be fully exposed and the left’s narrative will be damaged forever.

We are witnessing history.

As my blog from part A today (from last month) demonstrates, Soros is defeated.

His global tentacles have all been cut.

Soros is reduced to a war criminal awaiting his sentence.

(Note – I am the only Journalist WW who has made this call).

In this context Q has posted the following:

It really is game over.

All sides of the Satanic Triangle have been removed. (Soros, Rothschild’s and Saudi)

The Deep State has lost.

Enjoy ‘The Show’.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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