Post – 15th February 2020 – C

15 Feb Post – 15th February 2020 – C

Post – 15th February 2020 – C


We now know Pete Buttigieg was in the Navy Reserve and became a DCO in the same way as Hunter Biden.

The co-incidences are too great.

This is obviously a method to gain access to SAP’s and Encrypted Military Blackberries so shipments of Military Hardware/contraband can be organised.


I posted these tweets on 24th January 2020:

1) Why did Hunter Biden join the Navy Reserve at the age of 42yo? …. why on earth? 🧐

Why was he given an age-waver and a waver for past drug abuse? 🧐

Why was he immediately made a Direct Commissioned Officer? 🧐


2) Only Officers are allowed to own a Military encrypted Blackberry for special op communications.

This is an NSA stipulation.

Was this relevant to Hunter?


3) We know that Blackberry Groups were the method used to organise pay-to-play scams for the Iran Deal (eg: illegal selling/transporting of US Military Tech and Hardware etc).

Was Hunter planning to be his Dad’s point man for high value Treasonous ops in addition to Burisma etc?


4) Maybe could ask Hunter if he shared an encrypted Blackberry for Comms and if so who programmed/configured it?

Other potential questions – Who were his group contacts?

Why did he have it?

Who authorised it?

Where is it?



Whilst Hunter Biden didn’t present at the Impeachment Trial, Senator Lindsey Graham has promised he will cross-examine Hunter in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Notwithstanding this, it will be in the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Either way, Hunter will NOT escape these questions under oath.

Similarly, eventually, Pete Buttigieg will be put under the same scrutiny.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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