Post – 15th February 2020 – B

15 Feb Post – 15th February 2020 – B

Post – 15th February 2020 – B


I neglected to post these tweets from over one month ago.

It is important to post them now because they dovetail into recent revelations as I discussed in blog A today.


Herein lies my tweet thread from 13th January 2020:



The Basics


2) Ostensibly The Iran Deal was sold to the public as a way to keep Iran from garnering nuclear weapons.

In practice it was a pay-to-play game to enrich the elite schemers and actually SUPPLY Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) to Iran.


3) There is a relative dearth of information on The Iran Deal.

The real machinations are disguised in covert ops and are compartmentalised.


4) I will try to put together some basics to help you get into the general gist of The Iran Deal.

Hat tip to George Webb who is a great researcher in the field.


5) Much of this Intel is haphazard and evolving.

So please do not construe it all as fact. Here we go.


6) The main instigators and overseers of The Iran Deal were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, DWS, Nancy Pelosi and Peter Strzok.

The UK, France, Germany and Canada were also integral via the Atlantic Council at NATO.


7) The logistical or operational head and Communications (Blackberry) supplier was Bijan Rafiekian.

The computer and intelligence heads were Dmitri Alperovich (Crowdstrike) and Imran Awan.

8) The Iranian head of operations was Qasem Soleimani (deceased). The Financial controller was Jack Lew.

The man who knows where all the bodies are buried for The Iran Deal is General Michael Flynn.


9) Let’s start from the beginning. Obama granted a secret license to “access the US financial system” via the Federal Reserve.

This freed up a $150B ‘slush fund’ of Iranian tied up assets to fund the whole operation.

There was also an extra available credit of up to $450B.


10) Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary, was in charge of supplying the accessed money to Black Hat assets.

Much of the banking was done through HSBC.


11) The main proxy countries were the UAE and Pakistan. They got their cut.


12) Goods were transported via US Ports to the UAE or Pakistan and then onward to Iran.

The reverse direction of goods also occurred.


13) The main Ports were:

Port of Canaveral – Florida

Port of Norfolk – Virginia

Port of Jebel Ali – UAE Jinnah Naval Base – Pakistan

Port of Bandar Abas – Iran


14) Importantly the UAE bought the Port of Canaveral which made the smuggling much easier.


15) Some of the money was used to buy Nuclear Centrifuges, Trident Nuclear Submarine technology, Ballistic Missile technology and chemical/biological weapons.

These ‘high tech’ components were sent through the Port of Canaveral to the UAE.


16) ‘Low tech’ items such as guns, body armour, night vision goggles, gas masks, blood diamonds, cash etc went from the Port of Norfolk to Pakistan.


17) Contraband/drugs were channelled back to the US from Pakistan to the Port of Norfolk.

This was known as Operation Cassandra.

A bit like Iran-Contra.


18) Uranium of course was supplied from the US to Canada, circumventing Russia, and on to Iran.

This is Uranium 1.

So …. Iran got Uranium, Nuclear Tech to make bombs, Centrifuges and Advanced Missiles.


19) At the political level the JCPOA was organised through the DTRA (Defence Threat Reduction Agency) at Fort Belvoir of the DOD (Department of Defence).

Their job was to nut out the details of The Iran Deal for public consumption.


20) To organise all the covert stuff a Central Point of Communication was required with logistics and encrypted messaging.


21) This was needed to connect Black Hats in Congress/NATO/Iran/UAE/Pakistan and the DOD/Navy.

Albeit in a compartmentalised manner.


22) The chosen logistical central point was the JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) at Fort Bragg in North Carolina (DOD).

This was necessary to co-ordinate the attainment of goods and the Military transport logistics.


23) General David L. Grange was a retired contractor with connections at Fort Bragg.

He had the capacity to understand the conduct of Special Covert operations.

Bijan Rafiekian liaised and co-ordinated/put together the Black Hat assets.


24) The information technology/computer central point server for communications and messaging was the dunny at Hillary Clinton’s house in Chappaqua, New York.


25) The supply of specialised phones (Blackberries) for all Black Assets was General Michael Flynn (the good guy) from the DIA.

He had a Private Company, the Flynn Intel Group, which made and managed encrypted communications.


26) Later the Blackberries were incorporated into another business by Bijan Rafiekian called Green Zone Phones.

These Blackberries had an intel chip which allowed a virtual Private (secure) cloud for messaging.


27) The Blackberries needed to be configured with 4-digit passwords and other codes for each Black Hat.

This was done by Dmitri Alperovich (Russian businessman) and Imran Awan (Pakistani computer expert).


28) Awan supplied Politician Black Hats with the Blackberries by liaising with the Sergeant at Arms in the Congress.

Awan also set up Hillary’s server.


29) Awan transferred to Pakistan Terabytes of high tech Military secrets.


30) Obama and Hillary etc would provide top down oversight of the operations.

Black Hat assets in each country would do their compartmentalised work.


31) Thus, for example, the UAE would use a Blackberry configured to link with their Iranian counterpart – to organise the transport of say missiles from the UAE across the Straights of Hormuz to Iran.


32) Pallets of cash and blood diamonds were also transported via the Port routes.

This was in addition to the $1.7B in Pallets dropped by Obama at the airport in Tehran.

Much more.


33) All these monies were circularly kicked back to all Black Hat participants via Iran.

Money was siphoned off at all points on the way.



34) It is important to understand that Black sites in Iran were not even inspected.

Some sites were but they were allowed almost one month notice prior to inspections.


35) Billions of dollars in sanctions on Iran were lifted by Obama as a part of the Deal too.


36) Zeta Company in Tehran was the high tech engineering and nuclear firm who made use of the smuggled hardware from the Port of Canaveral.

They integrated the software received for Black site use as well.


37) There is conjecture that highly educated passengers on PS752 were associated with the Black sites in Iran.


38) There is an Annex on Page 86 of The Iran Deal which gives Amnesty to Qasam Soleimani and four Qods Force Generals.

This covers all their involvement in the Deal.


39) Many Blackberry messages went to email addresses named: … etc

The individual Politician’s name is at the start of the address.

This was so Obama and Hillary could keep tabs on everything.


40) There is a slight problem for the Deep State. General Flynn has the Server.


41) Is it any wonder President Trump says The Iran Deal was not a good deal?

What will ordinary Iranians do when they learn their leaders are kleptocrats as says?


42) Maybe it will come out in the Senate Impeachment Trial.

It could possibly address motive to impeach.


43) Please remember all this may not be correct or even close in some parts.

It may allow some understanding and digging.

I hope it was explained simply.



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor














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