Post – 15th February 2020 – A

15 Feb Post – 15th February 2020 – A

Post – 15th February 2020 – A


As all my long-term readers would know, I am a Journalist/Blogger who likes to provide information in real time.

In general I like to synthesise this intel and make sense of it.

Recently I have not been posting often to this blog.

This is because, quite simple, I can not be bothered just replicating my tweets here.

My main point of discourse is twitter, no doubt, because this is where the main political action resides.

Anyways I feel I have neglected posting some very important information from my tweets a month or so ago.

These tweets are now even more significant.

There is no question that I am the only Australian posting these connections.

Indeed the number of people posting these connections can be counted on one hand, including me.

Anyways let’s start.

To fully understand the drift of this post it is important to read my tweets on The Iran Deal and also Hunter Biden.

As such I will post them today in blogs B + C after this one.

These will add context to the intel below.


All Patriots know that any Presidential Candidate (apart from Trump) needs to have had a significant history of extreme criminal behaviour.

These are the elite Satanists who have proven themselves as Traitors and Psychopaths.

Enter Pete Buttigieg.

Most people think he is a relative unknown.

He is not.

Pete’s father was a Jesuit and has a background in Malta.

His father was an extreme Marxist and likely intelligence asset.

Pete managed to become a Rhodes Scholar.

I hope you have read my previous blogs and understand what being a Rhodes Scholar actually means.

So why would Pete join the Navy at such a late age, exactly like Hunter Biden?

There is only one reason for a Rhodes Scholar to do such a thing.

He needed to prove himself for further political office.

Pete joined the US Navy Reserves as a Direct Commissioned Officer (DCO) via the same program as Hunter Biden.

Pay-to-play Special Access Program’s (SAP’s) require DCO for Blackberry Comms.

Without a DCO he simply could not partake in the Deep State criminal crime organisational structure.

It is a stipulation of the NSA that only DCO’s can have the Military encrypted Blackberries.

He was a point man for putting operations together and making sure they ran smoothly.

In particular he was involved in The Iran Deal and the transport/buying/selling of Afghan Poppies.

His ability to speak several languages including Farsi was vital.

Pete Buttigieg is a totally compromised elite Deep State criminal.

That is why he was allowed to run for President.


These two articles are cutting edge stuff wrt Pete Buttigieg:


Very sad to see the MSM completely ignore this.

I’m talking to you ABC Australia.


It is integral to see my tweets from January to put all of this in context.

So please read blogs B + C for today.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor







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