Post – 10th February 2020 – B

10 Feb Post – 10th February 2020 – B

Post – 10th February 2020 – B


Before I start on current happenings in the Q world I would like to once again ask that you guys read two articles penned by brilliant Anons as rebuttals for the Guardian hit piece on me.


The first is by Martin Geddes and is titled:

Deconstructing mind control: The Guardian on #QAnon


The second is by Mathew Hayden (not the cricketer) and is titled:

Guardian hit piece on Dr Russell McGregor


Also I would very much like to thank Joe M.

@stormisuponus (Joe) is of course the top Anon in the world (excluding President Donald J Trump)

Joe tweeted out my plight and brought worldwide attention to my case.

If Joe M knows about The Medical Council of NSW and their actions then 100% the Q Team knows.

There is even a small chance that President Trump is aware, although that is obviously very very unlikely.

However I would like to hope so – why not!


So back to the everyday.

Wray has just admitted in the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI spied on POTUS illegally.

Sadly even if the public gets this, they will only consider Carter Page was surveilled.

The public simply doesn’t understand that two hops will lead to the umbrella surveillance of everyone in the Trump Team and more. Every signals intelligence method was free game.

There is no question that the injection of evidence will occur at the Senate Intelligence Committees.

I detailed this in my tweets so I won’t go into them here.

Nevertheless every suspect in the Russia and Ukraine Hoax will be cross-examined under oath – even Schiff.

This will be explosive.

I daresay Rudy will also be questioned. He will lay out all his incriminating evidence.

The public will be rattled big time.

Q promises us the first indictment will be stunning.

At this point I would consider that 2020 will be glorious (two year delta on 2018).

This means that 2020 will have March madness, April showers and May flowers.

Enjoy The Show!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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