Post – 7th February 2020 – B

07 Feb Post – 7th February 2020 – B

Post – 7th February 2020 – B


To the Guardian – I hope you have seen my brief rebuttal of your hit piece upon me today.

It is in my Part A blog.

To both the ABC and Guardian – I challenge you to print the vast swathes of evidence Rudy Giuliani is dumping on the internet in plain sight with regard to Deep State crimes in Ukraine, China, Latvia and Cyprus.

I have tweeted about these crimes for a week now – yet you kill it with silence.

Can’t you stop your Paedophile Protecting ways for one minute and print these voluminous crimes?

Herein lies the FOURTH instalment of Rudy Giuliani’s witness and evidence presentation:

Come on – let’s see if you can print the content entailed in these four episodes.

If you won’t then it is an admission you are hiding Deep State crimes.

But of course that is what you do.

I won’t expect any real Journalism from you.

It is the Australian People who will hold you to account.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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