Post – 7th February 2020 – A

07 Feb Post – 7th February 2020 – A

Post – 7th February 2020 – A


In a sense I knew a hit piece article against me would be written by the Deep State.

However it is still a rather unpleasant experience when it does eventually happen.

The article is a total fabrication of the truth – so here is my rebuttal which I wrote immediately after I saw the article this morning:


1) Have just read the Deep State hit piece by . Very shocked that so many lies have been printed in one article. The author has deliberately lied and falsified my entire case.

2) I did not submit anything at all to court or contest my case even though I pleaded not guilty. I did not even attend court.

3) This is because I could not ethically and professionally put at risk any colleague who I needed to ask for a full formal report to counter Dr Murray Wright. After the Medical Council of NSW had bankrupted and removed my right to practice medicine I knew any RANZCP colleague..

4) would be jeopardising their career if they deemed as non-Psychotic. Dr Murray Wright diagnosed me as Psychotic and Paranoid purely because I researched Q. I was boxed in by the Medical Council of NSW.

5) My only hope was to wait until I could find a Psychiatrist who volunteered to examine me and say was not paranoid. Without a counter to Dr Murray Wright I knew I would never be allowed to practice again.

6) Dr Murray Wright’s examination and report will go down in Australian Medical history as the most politically motivated and disgusting screed ever submitted.

7) I outlined to Dr Murray Wright how the elite Deep State used paedophilia as a way to blackmail and bind (for perhaps thirty seconds). This was the ONLY aspect of that Murray allowed/heard me to discuss. I submitted 600 pages of evidence supporting QAnon.

8) Dr Murray Wright is a colleague and equal of mine. He however is the Chief Psychiatrist of NSW. This is PURELY a POLITICAL position. It is NOT an academic position.

9) I was for a brief time the Chief Psychiatrist of Tasmania when covering for a colleague, this is an equivalent position.

10) Dr Murray Wright well knows I am not Psychotic or Paranoid. He knows researching is not a reason to bankrupt and Deregister a colleague from Medicine. He knows that I know he knows. He knows that many Psychiatrists around Australia will be livid at him for …..

11) destroying the reputation of Psychiatry in Australia. As I extensively wrote to the Medical Council, their actions are akin to Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany. The Political abuse of Psychiatry is an historical fact and now it has occurred in Australia.

12) The Medical Council has labelled me an “extremist” and prosecuted me as such. This should never ever be allowed to happen in Australia. They filed my tweets as documentation for such.

13) Furthermore The Medical Council of NSW has fraudulently invented an entirely legal prescription ‘crime’ in order to actually create something I had allegedly done wrong. They will be held to account for this.

14) The majority of Doctors in Australia have prescribed for themselves and their family. It is 100% legal. I did it four times with schedule 4 meds. The ones which are the “who cares less” meds. The Council prosecuted me for this because they brought out a pamphlet which ….

15) says “it is good practice for doctors to get their own General Practitioner”. Ergo I was prosecuted for “bad” practice. Strange they haven’t prosecuted 100,000 other Doctors in Australia.

16) It is a pure lie that a colleague in my practice filed a complaint against me. They were all my friends and would NEVER do such a thing. The Guardian article is a fraud. It casts aspersions on my colleagues. The Guardian hides the fact that no patient made a complaint ….

17) against me, rather it was the GOVERNMENT through the Pharmaceutical Regulations Unit. Yes, the PGU started this whole thing by making an anonymous complaint by phone about me writing about “Patriotism in Australia”.

18) This complaint occurred hours after my first blog post. No other complaint about my blog or tweets has occurred in over two years, except for the one by the Medical Council of NSW itself. This is a Government engineered process entirely.

19) I wrote in detail to my constituent Liberal Party members begging them to convey to the Council that was not a “paranoid conspiracy”. I provided multiple documents – over 600 pages of evidence.

20) I also outlined the Spygate crimes by Australia against and also the Russiagate Hoax. These politicians abrogated their responsibility to stop the Council’s prosecution of me for political purposes.

21) The Guardian and the Council say that I swore at the Council over the phone this is true. What they didn’t tell is that the Council called me five times and each time I demanded my right to silence – which they categorically REFUSED to give me.

22) I told them I was invoking my right to silence at least ten times in their last call to me. Indeed the only thing I said was that I supported President Trump.

23) I note the Medical Council ordered me to undertake a full Psychiatric interview after the anonymous call from the PRU. I fully informed the Council that my 10 person medium-sized practice would go bankrupt if they removed my right to practice.

24) The Council called me one final time after extensive bullying on the phone by refusing my right to silence. They told me they were removing my right to practice. They knew it would take down my practice and hurt thousands of patients and also my doctors.

25) The Council had no other information apart from the political content of my blog/tweets at that stage. After she took me out I told the Psychiatrist she was a “Marxist bith”. Her Report afterwards outlined my blog/tweet crime as referencing “Alex Jones who is not popular”.

26) The Psychiatrist and the Council then used that to fully Deregister me as a Doctor. The Council knows full well that I am exposing paedophilia and multiple crimes outlined by . They know that I blogged in detail about Epstein and Australia’s role in two ..

27) years ago. All involved know I am not paranoid nor Psychotic. This is simply Deep State Politician’s and the Government desperately trying to cover up and silence me.

29) It is true that I gave a job to a Psychiatrist colleague at my Medical Practice. It is also true that he had an affair with my wife who was the secretary. This has nothing to do with anything. It has been used by the Council to throw dirt on me because they know ….

30) they have made the most disgraceful political attack on me in the history of Australian Medicine. It is obscene.

31) After the affair ended my wife gave me over 5000 texts between them so he could be held to account. She was tricked by him and he got her drunk at an innocent dinner to get it started. She has apologised to me and admitted the affair.

32) The Guardian insinuation is that this was paranoid. The evidence is voluminous. The texts also reveal a murder committed by one of his patients which he bragged about. I filed it with the Council. The Psychiatrist repeatedly got my wife drunk in order to have the ….

33) affair. It took him several months before she had gone too far. The affair ended the days after it had become sexual. He had a fiancé at the time who was a Psychiatric Registrar (Doctor). The marriage ended four years ago.

34) Another Psychiatrist anonymously called up the Council and made a complaint that I was an alcoholic. This Psychiatrist was the best friend of the Psychiatrist who I swore at and made the Psychiatric Report that I was impaired because “Alex Jones is not popular”.

35) I drink less than 20 standard drinks a year. There is not one person on the planet who could say such utter rot. I rarely drink AT ALL. It was a desperate lie to try to back up the Council and their disgraceful behaviour. Later I was able to ascertain the ….

36) Psychiatrist involved. The Council immediately dropped this accusation and took it out of the prosecution.

37) At the initial stages, before I went bankrupt and had my right to practice removed, I wrote to multiple News organisations. They all refused to reply. It was completely covered-up.

38) I always knew the Deep State would attempt a hit piece on me. I knew they would lie and smear everything to hide the truth. Buzzfeed contacted me trying to do a hit piece. The Guardian and Buzzfeed were always going to be the most likely to fight for paedophilia and

39) against . This case is very simple. It is a Government attempt to silence research of because of the crimes entailed.

40) I have a full legal right to write wherever I want. The Council has objected to both my twitter and my blog. No patient has made a complaint against me for these “crimes”. Indeed I have had great support from my former Patients. I do not communicate with them, ….

41) rather the support originated from them. It would be wrong to communicate with them given the current situation. Furthermore I have never discussed politics at all with my patients in my clinical practice. The Council has not received any such complaint.

42) It is true that the Council intimidated me into stopping my freedom of speech for a month or more when this process was active. I am sorry that I was so intimidated for this to happen. My goal of course was to help others research and end paedophilia/Child ….

43) Sex Trafficking as well as expose our countries crimes against the American people in . Perhaps 60% of my blog initially was devoted to exposing elite Paedophile rings and the rest were Crimes by the Australian Government as per Q.

44) The Government has made an example of me in order to stop research of Q. 44) Eventually I will be exonerated in Court. This WILL happen. I will work as a Doctor again. If all this brings more exposure of Q then I am more than happy to take the hit.

45) This is way bigger than me. Those at the Medical Council of NSW will eventually be held to account for their actions by The People not the Government. Thy have knowingly supported the protection of Paedophiles from the getgo.

46) The MSM is completely corrupt. Over time this hit piece will be seen as a part of a broader conspiracy against Patriots worldwide. is being torn down as we speak. I hope my situation sheds light on the criminals in the MSM.

47) The mathematical probability of Q not being directly associated with President Trump is one in Graham’s number. I have given these proofs in my blog repeatedly. The Medical Council of NSW and the MSM know Q and are one.

48) The Deep State in the MSM and Government are not just corrupt but actually criminals. The Medical Council of NSW is not just a Paedophile protecting entity but also an arm of the Deep State. It is a critical siphon point used to enact retribution against its Political …

49) foes. Calling a Doctor an “extremist” for their political views and then enacting Medical Deregistration purely for those views is abhorrent. Fraudulently making up non-evidence to Deregister is similarly abhorrent.

50) Please support Freedom of Speech and oppose the ‘Political Abuse of Psychiatry’. This case is a sad day for the Medical Profession and particularly the Psychiatric Profession in Australia.

51) In total there are four Psychiatrists involved. The ‘infamous four Psychiatrists’. There is one other Doctor at the Council and a Pharmacist from the Pharmaceutical Regulations Unit (PGU). This should never happen to another Doctor again.


Therein lies my tweets this morning.

Apologies for omitting/skipping number 28 – was in a rush to get this out.

I failed to mention that the Psychiatrist friend of the Medical Council of NSW Psychiatrist who wrote the Report outlining how I must have my right to practice removed also made another accusation against me.

Apart from saying I was an alcoholic he also anonymously informed the Council that I was unprofessionally over-prescribing benzodiazepines.

Obviously the PGU did a full check on this and sadly for the Council they found that I had prescribed benzo’s to less than a handful of patients.

They tried to entrap me but didn’t realise that I am vehemently anti-bezo’s.

I hate starting patients on a medication with such addictive properties.

This Psychiatrist knew that almost all Psychiatrists prescribe it routinely and in huge numbers.

His assumption/guess that I prescribed it was entirely wrong.

The entrapment failed.

Any levels would have been used against me.

This was pure corruption.

He knew my blog concerned exposing elite Deep State paedophile rings.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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