Post – 4th February 2020

04 Feb Post – 4th February 2020

Post – 4th February 2020


The below twitter video was obtained through a backchannel source.

It is clearly of grave importance and upends the Impeachment narrative completely.


The above video was taken by a Ukrainian subsidiary of Voice of America (VOA) which is a news network in Ukraine.

The tweet has a header in Ukrainian which simply explains that it is from VOA.

The setting is a Joe Biden Rally/Town Hall meeting in Iowa.

There were a number of such small informal meetings during the “We know Joe” Bus Tour of Iowa prior to the Iowa Caucuses, that occurred today.

Thus the video was clearly taken in the last two weeks.

There are voting paraphernalia/signs on the walls which could only be for the Iowa Caucuses.


The exact wording of the speech by John Kerry (SOS) is as follows:


“I will tell you because as Secretary of State I was deeply involved in this.

All of us in the Administration (Obama) were trying to get rid of that Prosecutor from Obama to the Secretary of State (Kerry) to the Vice President (Biden).

All of us were working on that, the Ambassador (Yovanovitch), and we knew if Ukraine was going to survive and win the Revolution in the end, the Maidan, they had to get rid of that prosecutor and they did.”


This video is unbelievable and self explanatory in it’s importance.

It is self-incriminating and demonstrates a Quid Pro Quo.

The MSM will ignore this at all costs.

It is way to big.

The whole Impeachment Circus is a complete fraud.

The ABC will silence this 100%.

Anons must get it out.

Spread it Patriots.

As a blogger/Journalist I have been doing my best to get it out on Twitter.

We can do it.

Nothing will stop us.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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